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Peller group 2022 recruitment announcement of management and training students in Colleges and Universities

Thirsty for talents, cherish talent as life, now sincerely invite talents from all over the world!
In Peller, as a member of the company's fast-growing team, you may have unlimited development potential in the future.
In the future, you will have the opportunity to set up your own team and develop a new platform in a certain business area
At paler, you can choose the most suitable career direction according to your personal interests, needs and abilities
In Peller, you will follow the Department Manager from the world's top 500 foreign enterprises to grow into a high-quality professional
Peller advocates "not sticking to one pattern to reduce talents". Peller does not stick to the rules in the appointment of talents. He adheres to the principle of "only talents are used and make the best use of talents". As long as you meet the following conditions, you are welcome to apply actively!
1. Have the spirit of hard work and hard work!
2. Have the courage not to be afraid of setbacks and a positive and optimistic attitude!
3. Have the spirit of continuous learning and the ability of fast learning!
Good business sense and business sense. 4!
5. Have basic logical analysis ability, strong communication ability, efficient execution and good team spirit!
6. Compete with well-known foreign enterprises, have first-class top 500 customers in the world, and have great career growth space.
Office environment:
Career development: with personal development, there are diversified career promotion channels, systematic personal training and development opportunities, excellent performance and opportunities to be included in the company's partner system;
Company atmosphere: the company has a systematic cultural system, pleasant working atmosphere, European and American management style, result oriented, flexible work, fast pace, high efficiency, attaches great importance to communication and equality, has a tea break culture, and employees have a good platform and enough space to realize their self value;
Industry characteristics: intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet, new energy, new material industry, sustainable development industry, in line with the national policy guidance, the prospect is very good, the market is a new blue ocean, now the company's business is in the stage of rapid development, very growth career opportunities.
Post introduction of reserve cadre / management trainee:
1. Personnel direction: maintain the company's recruitment channels, check and summarize employee attendance and performance every month, and assist to complete the work arranged by superior leaders;
2. Administrative direction: sort out and maintain the fixed assets list of the company, count, purchase and distribute the office supplies and welfare products of the company, and assist to complete the work arranged by the superior leaders;
3. Customer service direction: register and sort out all kinds of reports submitted by engineers, assist Engineering Department to supervise and feedback engineers, and complete the work arranged by superior leaders;
4. Financial direction: responsible for the printing, collection, binding and filing of accounting documents, account books, statements and other financial data, and assist to complete the work arranged by the superior leaders;
5. Purchasing direction: supplier file management, purchasing material progress tracking, and assisting the warehouse department in material acceptance and warehousing, completing the work arranged by the superior leaders;
6. Business direction: business contacts and contacts with external agencies, data collation and maintenance, assisting to complete the work arranged by superior leaders;
7, market orientation: the shooting and mapping work of the product in the early stage, collecting, sorting and classifying information, and carrying out the official account to assist in the work arranged by the superior leaders.
8. Technical direction: familiar with CAD / SolidWorks software, interested in industry 4.0, industrial robots, CNC machine tools, etc. and want to develop it is preferred.
Job information:
1、 Reserve cadres / management trainees (20)
1. Due to the strategic planning, the company specially needs to recruit middle and senior management personnel for the future training and development process of fresh students reserve, who are personally trained by the department heads;
2. Participate in staff training arranged by the company, carry out regular job rotation in each department, and be familiar with the main work and necessary skills of the Department. Combined with personal development intention and company arrangement, working in the company, involving mechanical design, electrical technology, industrial Internet technology, marketing, R & D, finance, procurement, customer service, personnel administration and other positions, becoming a candidate for the company's management;
3. During the job rotation, we need to assist the company to complete cross department related projects, complete the training and training of ability planning;
4. After the job rotation, according to their own wishes and the company's needs for department posts, in-depth development and enhance business capabilities;
5. According to the responsibilities of each post to complete the task, and stage work learning summary;
6. Finish other work assigned by leader.
1. Excellent graduates of 2020 or 1-3 years working experience; Bachelor degree or above. Major in machinery, marketing, international trade, technology, management, finance, etc;
2. Have a high degree of work enthusiasm, initiative, good sense of service, strong teamwork, responsible;
3. Excellent leadership potential or professional skills, excellent learning ability, interpersonal communication ability, problem-solving ability, etc;
4. Professional, love sales promotion and team management, interested in high pressure and fast-paced marketing and related work experience is preferred;
5. Be able to operate office software skillfully;
6. Loyal to the enterprise, responsible, understanding ability, diligent, positive, hardworking;
7. C1 license, private car preferred.
2、 Domestic sales interns (10)
Position information
1. Assist sales manager to do market development and customer maintenance, visit customers timely and keep good communication with customers;
2. Assist the sales manager to promote the company's brand, develop new sales channels, complete the sales target related work, including customer information collection, intended customer tracking and relationship maintenance;
3. Participate in industry research, do a good job in market analysis and market research, grasp the dynamic of competitors;
4. Participate in the exhibition on behalf of the company, follow up the customers after the meeting, convert the target customers into actual orders, deeply explore the needs of customers and develop new orders;
5. The company's relevant project case extraction, marketing ppt production, product scheme presentation, participation in the preparation of tender, bidding, contract signing, implementation and business negotiation, etc;
6. According to the sales and payment tasks assigned by the company, make my own sales plan and payment plan to ensure the achievement of sales targets.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree in mechanical design and manufacturing, mechanical and electrical automation, marketing, etc;
2. Cheerful and generous personality, perseverance, strong ability to work under pressure and communication skills;
3. Strong self-motivated, with strong learning ability and excellent communication skills;
4. Be able to operate office software skillfully;
5. Loyal to the enterprise, responsible, understanding ability, diligent, positive, hardworking;
6. Have keen market insight, strong enterprising spirit and positive working attitude, sales experience is preferred.
7. C1 license, private car preferred.
According to the performance, the annual salary of the above positions is estimated to be 50000-80000, 80000-150000 in the second year and 150000-250000 in the third year.
Xingsha District of Changsha, Panyu District of Guangzhou
fringe benefits:
1. There are five kinds of insurance (endowment insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance) stipulated by the state, commercial insurance and accident medical insurance for special posts;
2. Statutory paid holidays and paid annual leave;
3. Internal and external training suitable for career development;
4. Annual travel, dormitory, canteen, shuttle bus transfer;
5. Traditional festival welfare and birthday Consolation Fund;
6. Trade union and various activity clubs (basketball, badminton, football, hiking, mountaineering).
Contact information:
PELLER Technology Group Co., Ltd
Address: No.1 Chuangyuan Road, Zhongcun street, Panyu District, Guangzhou
Contact person: manager Tang
Tel. + 86 20-6192 5888 Mobile: 13626493333 / 18166288888
Resume direct email: , dennis.lei @
Official website of the company: /
If you want to succeed through your own efforts, please join us!

Puhler is where people realize their dreams
With the efforts of more than 230 employees, Peller is making further use of its rich industry experience to design, build and operate unique digital overall solutions to provide customers with truly differentiated services from integration, automation, informatization and intelligence. In the future, piper will continue to bring forth new things through the old, and jointly create a more intelligent and environmentally friendly future through close cooperation with customers.
As an invisible leading enterprise in the field of "grinding & dispersion" wet and dry technology in the world, Peller has been committed to providing customers with the whole factory customized solution of "mixing, dispersion, grinding and crushing" intelligent equipment system with innovative technology, intelligent products and high-quality services. Driven by the challenges faced by our customers and relying on our excellent engineering technology and innovation ability, we constantly observe the needs and aspirations of our customers, and strive to provide safe and efficient innovative laboratory instruments and industrial equipment for tens of thousands of chemical enterprises with innovative technology. In addition to our professional and knowledgeable management and sales departments, we are equipped with Modern grinding and decentralized customer application experience center. We continue to lead the industry to upgrade and innovate, and work with the intelligent, safe and convenient future intelligent manufacturing era to compose the future of digital industry. In addition, Piper can not only provide the world's leading solutions for coatings, paints, inkjet, food, medicine and biotechnology, but also focus on the application of new energy battery materials, graphene, carbon nanotubes, nano ceramics and optical technology. As a leading technology group company, Peller invests no less than 5% of its turnover in R & D every year.
Sustainable development strategy based on customer demand
Our mission is to meet the needs of consumers. Based on people-oriented, we carry out diversified development, constantly seek safe and efficient answers in the field of dispersion and grinding, improve the user experience, and create a new generation of technologies and products that really meet the needs of people. Adhere to green production, pay attention to sustainable development, create a low-carbon life - green, intelligent, sharing, will be the key words of our new round of development.
Innovation and technology lead industry upgrading
Scientific and technological innovation is the lifeblood of Peller's development as an international enterprise. Relying on the first-class talent resources and hardware resources of the R & D center, our advanced R & D system has driven industry innovation and upgrading time and time again, and has won and applied for 8 product appearance patents, 33 utility patents, 48 invention patents and 8 software copyrights continuously upgrade the user experience and realize all kinds of possibilities you never dare to think of.
People oriented policy based on employee care
People are the foundation of the company's development. We are willing to develop with our employees and build a dream together. We provide excellent and reasonable salary and benefits and fair and just selection mechanism, which also enables us to have a group of young people who are full of vitality and love for Peller's career. Just like the founder who made drawings in a small workshop and developed the first Peller sand mill, they are ready to make a big move with enthusiasm and dream.
Love feedback, practice corporate social responsibility
As an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, we actively participate in public welfare activities, influence the public with our own strength, and build a harmonious society. Continuous pay, let people see a brand image full of love and social influence. We believe that the value creation of enterprises to the society can help people have a comfortable and intelligent wonderful life, and we are tireless in it. In the future, Peller group will continue to innovate and surpass in business philosophy, development strategy, brand building, product R & D and business model, build products into the concept of "non intelligent, non product", provide customers with all-round solutions for grinding intelligent equipment system, and accompany chemical enterprises to move towards intelligent, environmental protection and convenient digital life!

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