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Technology Center

Jinling shares ingenuity, intelligent manufacturing and excellence

Founded in 1956, it is a designated lathe manufacturer of the former Ministry of machinery, a state-owned medium-sized enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise. It is one of the first hundred innovative enterprises in China. In November 1968, with the approval of Hunan Provincial Revolutionary Committee, the school run factory was changed into Hunan Changsha No. 2 machine tool factory, becoming the first batch of school reform enterprises. "Hunan Jinling Machine Tool Co., Ltd." was founded in 1956. Jinling machine tool has set up a production plant with R & D capability in the 100 + Mu plant area of Hunan headquarters. In order to better serve Chinese customers, Jinling machine tool has successively set up a technical center. The technical center can not only let customers intuitively understand Jinling's advanced machine tool equipment, but also provide customers with all-round services such as training, spare parts and technical support.

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