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JINLING(Hunan)Industrial Group Co., Ltd
JINLING(Hunan)CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd
JINLING(Guangzhou)CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd
Inherited from Changsha No. 2 Machine Tool Works

  • 65+ Years Focus on machine tool processing
  • 300+ pcs Capacity/month

JINLING(Hunan)CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd (inherited from Changsha No. 2 Machine Tool Works) was established in 1956. It is a designated lathe manufacturer of the former Ministry of Machinery and a state-owned medium-sized enterprise. Now as a national high-tech enterprise and the first batch of 100 innovative enterprises,the restructuring was established in August 2017 (abbreviated as Jinling Shares), a national high-tech enterprise specializing in CNC cutting / grinding equipment and intelligent grinding/polishing equipment. The group occupies an area of more than 100 acres, has R & D center, office building, joint plant nearly 15,000 square meters, nearly 200 various types of equipment, nearly 100 sets of testing equipment, assets of more than 100 million yuan. Today, under the pressure of manufacturing investment, our customers need not only our products, but also our diversified services, including providing customers with one-stop dedicated machines, flexible production line overall process solutions and new equipment financing lease services.

In recent years, Jinling Shares has basically formed an open social innovation system with enterprises as the mainstay, a combination of production, teaching and research, has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in capital to improve its technology and product research capabilities. Our company has two scientific research and innovation platforms of Hunan Province CNC Precision Grinder Engineering Technology Research Center and Hunan Enterprise Technology Center. It has spanned 60 years of independent innovation and technology accumulation. Jinling has a number of independent intellectual property rights and has formed multiple series and varieties. The production pattern of CNC machine tools. The company has core patented technologies and brands, excellent talents, and market resources. It already has industry-leading independent research and development capabilities and core technical advantages. The company's products have won the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, Changsha Technology Innovation Demonstration Unit, Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Gold Award, China International CNC Machine Tool Show "Chunyan Award", China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Centennial Achievement Award, Hunan Provincial famous brand products and other awards and honorary titles.

The product structure is continuously optimized. With the development of global industrial digitalization and the industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing technology has become an irresistible trend. We are constantly exploring opportunities in challenges. With the rapid development and transformation of the Chinese manufacturing industry, we can better help customers solve diverse parts. Processing technology, Jinling Co., Ltd. continues to promote product upgrades and introduces German PUHLER GmbH as our strategic partner. Paler is a technology company focusing on nano-grinding intelligent equipment based in Hamburg, Germany. The brand MAXXMILL authorized Jinling to assemble and sell in China. In order to accelerate the industrialization and commercialization of the MAXXMILL series of grinding and polishing machines and high-end CNC machine tools jointly designed by China and Germany, they jointly created a "German technology, local intelligent complete solution". And jointly signed a strategic cooperation to develop CNC machine tools and intelligent grinding and polishing equipment and flexible production line process solutions, and vigorously develop mid-to-high-end intelligent machine tools, CNC machine tools and 3D grinding and polishing machines. Up to now, the numerical control rate of machine tool output has increased to 85%, and product structure adjustment has achieved significant results.The company's products are mainly divided into horizontal lathes, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC composite machine tools, multi-axis linkage machining centers, and vertical machining centers. , Intelligent grinding and polishing and other intelligent equipment. The main application areas of the product are the automotive industry, engineering machinery, mobile phone touch screens and back covers, solar photovoltaic, magnetic materials, sapphire, 3C consumer electronics, seals and other major national economic fields.

The influence of the company is increasing. The company will always adhere to the corporate spirit of “responsibility-oriented, innovation-oriented, development-constant, and dedicated-to-promise”, with “achievement of cutting-edge manufacturing and revitalization of national industry” as its corporate goal and mission, and strive to innovate, forge ahead and build the company The core business card of "One-stop precision special machine, flexible production line overall solution and intelligent manufacturing technology solution professional provider" is committed to becoming a leader in the field of CNC grinding equipment and intelligent equipment.

Mr Chairman

Dear friends:

Hunan Jinling Machine Tool Technology Group Co., Ltd. takes "the ingenuity to make the world's best machine" as its mission,?has created a management model of "intelligent leadership, two-wheel drive, ingenious manufacturing and global service." Our company have completed the restructuring of state-owned enterprises and created a private joint-stock enterprise led by the research and development of high-end CNC machine tools. Defining customer needs is the meaning of our existence! We have responsibility to make machine tool selection easier, and we have an obligation to help the machine tool industry develop rapidly in the new era.

Intelligent manufacturing leads the future.?As industrial mother machines, machine tools are important foundation for equipment manufacturing. Since 2002, with the rapid development of the economy, China's machine tool industry has gone through more than ten years of brilliant development. Jinling has also completed a transformation from small to large under this background. But we know that scale alone is not enough,we need to be stronger.

Since 2012, the economic and market environment has undergone profound changes, customer demand has been rapidly upgraded, and traditional products have been in excess. At the same time, a new round of the world's industrial revolution is accelerating, all countries have put "smart manufacturing" at the core of industrial development. These changes undoubtedly indicate that the traditional industrial development model with production factors as its core is unsustainable, and we have entered the era of innovation-driven development.

Jinling has been insisting on the concept of innovation-driven development for many years.?Our company drives development with innovation, develops with brand foundation, supports development with talents, leads development with party building, and establishes a complete R & D and manufacturing system that integrates talent, technology and innovation. The product group led by intelligent machine tools, flexible processing units, intelligent manufacturing units and automatic production lines have successfully entered key areas such as automobiles, aerospace, military, engineering machinery and vocational colleges, and established sales that radiate globally and cover key industries Network and service system.

After the restructuring,?Our company has rigorous management, flexible mechanisms, huge influence among its peers, and also has good reputation among customers. We hope to create more value for customers through innovation, explain the true meaning of "smart manufacturing" through innovation, we also hope to change the most basic part of the industry through innovation, promote new production methods, and then profoundly change the production relationship,give birth?to a new industrial economy.

Facing the future, I believe that with our wisdom and courage, the support of customers and partners, we can create miracles again and leave our generations of Jinling people in the long river of industrial development. Let us continue to work hard to create our own future! Sincerely welcome friends from?domestic and abroad to come to our company to guide the work, negotiate business and talk about a bright future.

Enterprise idea
  • R & D advantages

    As a national high-tech enterprise, Jinling Machine Tool always takes the upgrading of technological innovation products and technological transformation as its key development goals.

  • Precision assembly

    Strict control of each assembly detail to ensure the accuracy of the machine

  • Imported parts

    Main ports adopts famous brand from Taiwan, Japan, European and American to ensure product accuracy.

  • Maintenance services

    Jinling machine tools regularly provide free storage and maintenance services

  • Repair service

    Create an online repair and maintenance platform to keep track of the progress of repairs.

  • Brand and word of mouth

    Adhering to the principle of "diligent cultivation, to rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength" as the principle and "customer success" as the purpose, the transformation and upgrading of the assistant manufacturing industry

  • Production and quality

    Multiple fully CNC production lines, equipped with high-precision testing equipment, ensure that each workpiece processed by the customer reaches a uniform standard.

  • Personalization

    Provide customized services according to customer needs, such as double horizontal shaft grinders, double vertical shaft grinders, vertical and horizontal composite grinders, etc.


    5G changes and applications, investment scale and industrial chain distribution

    5G communication is not just human communication, but the Internet of Things, industrial automation, and unmanned driving have been introduced, starting from human-to-human communication to human-to-material communication and even to machine-to-machine communication.

    New model of mobile terminal metal processing intelligent manufacturing

    The project was determined by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a "mobile terminal accessories intelligent manufacturing pilot project" and became the 2015 intelligent manufacturing project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. After the entire project was officially put into operation, production efficiency increased by 20%, product development cycle was shortened by 30%, and defect rate was reduced by 30%.

    Operation equipment management platform

    An industrial gateway is installed on each device, and the device's operating data is transmitted to the cloud platform for statistics and analysis through the gateway's own WIFI or 5G signal, cable and other transmission methods, and then provided to the computer, mobile, TV, etc The terminal equipment manufacturer performs a variety of demonstrations.

    In 63 years, from the Changsha No. 2 Machine Tool Plant at that time to today's Jinling Co., Ltd. with fixed assets of 350 million yuan, large enterprise groups with basic equipment industrial machinery and 5G intelligent equipment as the leading industries. Jinling Co., Ltd. has increased at a rate of several times each year. The rapid development has created the "Jinling Speed" in the development of Hunan machine tool enterprises.

    Jinling's success has sufficient reasons: the personal efforts of employees, the wise decision-making of the leadership, the high sensitivity to changes in market demand, outstanding innovation ability, and stable and high-quality core business. Meeting the challenges of the times and the market has always played an important role in the formation of the company's development direction. This is exactly what Jinling has been doing. We are always one step ahead in creating benefits and increasing value for our customers.

    1955-Hunan Provincial Labor Bureau Technical School (later changed to Changsha No. 2 Machine Tool Factory Technical School, which was merged into Changsha Vocational and Technical College after the corporate restructuring in 2003) was established in Jinpenling, South District, Changsha, and enrollment began in 1956. National economic construction has transported a large number of technical talents.
    The Hunan Provincial Revolutionary Committee approved that the school-run factory of the Hunan Provincial Labor Bureau Technical School was formally named "Hunan Changsha Second Machine Tool Factory" and entered the "school led factory" mode.
    Hunan Changsha No. 2 Machine Tool Factory started the R & D, production and sales of "Jinling Brand" series products.
    1972 —— "Jinling Brand" CW61 (2) 63A universal lathe was put into production, and became the leading product of the company.
    1984——The CW61 (2) 36A universal lathe developed in cooperation with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Hunan University was successful. The prizes were selected into the compilation of national environmental technology achievements. In December of the same year, CJS6136A won the “spring swallow” Commemorative Award for Excellent Exhibits at the New Exhibition of Machine Tool Tools.
    From 1985 to 1986-CJK360, CWK360, NC630 economical microelectronic automatic control lathes, CX360, CX630 digital display lathes and other numerical control products have been developed, becoming "Hunan Province applied microelectronic technology model demonstration enterprise." The Provincial Machinery Department organized an inspection and acceptance of the "process breakthrough" model pilot enterprises in our factory, and our factory became the first qualified enterprise in Hunan Province to have a pilot model breakthrough in technology.
    1988-CW61 (2) 63A universal lathe passed the provincial excellent appraisal. The appraisal committee believes that: "This machine has reached the advanced level of similar domestic products and filled the gap in the province." In the same year, the company was appraised as “Provincial Advanced Enterprise in Quality Management”. In January, it was elected as the executive director unit of China Machine Tool Association Lathe Association
    1989-Signed export contracts with the United States, Thailand, Hong Kong and other countries and regions for CW6236A, CW6263A universal lathes, CJK360 CNC lathes, total value more than 800,000 US dollars.
    1991——Appraised as a state-owned medium-sized enterprise by the competent department of the Changsha Municipal Government. In March, Shen Yanhe, the deputy director of the Machine Tool Division of the Ministry of Mechanical and Electrical, inspected our factory. Our factory was appraised as the “Advanced Unit for the Construction of Civilized Units” by the municipal government and municipal economic commission ".
    1993-95——Our factory was rated as “Star Enterprise” of Changsha Mechanical System and “Outstanding Enterprise of Target Management” of Provincial Mechanical System;
    The TC28K machining center imported from Germany has been commissioned to make it bigger and bigger, and is running normally;
    "Changsha Evening News" and "Changsha Technical Supervision News" articles, CW6163C lathes are reliable products.
    1996-2000——Our factory was appraised as "Excellent Unit of Equipment Management" by the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission;
    In April 1996, the company name was changed from "Changsha Second Machine Tool Factory in Hunan Province" to "Hunan Changsha Second Machine Tool Factory";
    In June 1997, "Changsha Jinling CNC Machine Tool Industry Co., Ltd." was officially established;
    In January 1999, the whole plant was adjusted, and nine branches and 18 departments were established.
    2000-2001-the factory entered the preparation period for restructuring, Obtained the "People's Republic of China Import and Export Enterprise Qualification Certificate", and the products began to go abroad through self-managed export.
    On March 14, the company (2002) No. 04 file send a report on application for restructuring to Changsha Machine Tool Industry (Group) Company.
    2003—November 1st, Changsha Evening News A2 published the "Changsha Second Machine Tool Plant Restructuring Announcement", and the enterprise completed the restructuring;
    After the restructuring, employees will set up "Changsha Jinling Machine Tool Co., Ltd.";
    In November of the same year, it was awarded “Hundred integrity demonstration units in Hunan Province”.
    In January 2004, the Changsha Administration for Industry and Commerce approved the change of the company name to "Changsha Jinling Machine Tool Co., Ltd.", and Jinling people officially began to write the brand-new chapter of Jinling Machine Tool.
    In December 2004, the new factory of Changsha Jinling Machine Tool was completed in Lugu Industrial Park, a national high-tech development zone. On December 15, the relocation of the main body of the company kicked off. Jinling people, facing severe cold and wind and rain, successfully and efficiently completed the relocation of the main body of the company within one month, and achieved brilliant results without stopping production and reducing production.
    2005——Changsha Jinling Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was recognized as a "High-tech Enterprise";
    In August, the company held the first shareholder representative meeting, which approved the plan to invest in Ningxiang Xiaduopu to buy land to build a foundry plant and establish "Changsha Jinduo Machinery Co., Ltd.";
    In September, the wholly-owned subsidiary "Changsha Jinduo Machinery Co., Ltd." was listed in Xiaduopu, Ningxiang. On October 1, the firing ceremony of the first furnace was completed.
    2008 —— "Jinling" trademark won the title of "Hunan Famous Trademark" In June, the opening ceremony of Changsha Jinling Machine Tool's wholly-owned subsidiary-Changsha Jinling Electromechanical Co., Ltd., was grandly held in Changsha Qingyuan Hotel;
    In August, the acceptance team composed of experts from the relevant departments of the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance and other relevant departments inspected our company's "Optimization of Mechanical and Electrical and High-tech Product Import Structure Fund Project—XH Series Vertical Machining Center (including 5-axis linkage)" and passed it.
    2009——The company won the appraise of “Quality Credit Grade A Enterprise of Hunan Province”.
    In February, the company won two honors: the "Advanced Enterprise with Tax Over 5 Million Yuan" and "Excellent Independent Brand Award"
    In May, CW61 (2) 63C and other products produced by the company passed the EU Compulsory Product Safety Certification (CE Certification) in Changsha High-tech Zone in 2008;
    2010-The company's technology R & D center passed the certification of "Municipal Technology Center".
    The company was awarded the title of "Advanced Enterprise with Over 5 Million Taxes";
    In December, our company was awarded the title of "The Sixth Batch of Municipal Enterprise Technology Centers in Changsha" by the Changsha Industrial and Information Commission;
    2011——The company's CKD6183 series CNC turning and milling compound machine tool industrialization project was approved as "National Torch Program Project";
    The company produced a total of 1,247 sets of various machine tools throughout the year, and completed a product output value of 155.29 million yuan.
    2012——The company passed the standard acceptance inspection of “Enterprise Three Level Enterprise in Standardization of Work Safety”;
    "Jinling" won the title of "Famous Trademark of Hunan Province" again.
    Competitive lead period
    In2017, registered and set up "Hunan Jinling Machine Tool Co., Ltd." (referred to as "Jinling Shares") in Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, all of which inherited the technology, patents, manufacturing processes of "Jinling Brand" products and Jinling Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has high-quality resources in terms of manpower, management, market, and marketing.
    Strategic transition period
    2018——Invested in Jinling Machine Tool (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., dedicated to the development and production of high-precision intelligent grinding machines and automatic polishing machines for 3C products.
    High-speed growth period
    Began to walk out of South China, toward the country, and enter in rapid growth period
    2019-The new plant of Jinling Co., Ltd., located at No. 9 Huaxiang Road, Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, is completed and put into use. "Jinling Co., Ltd." sails towards new goals with a new look.
    Started out of South China
    In 2020, the Group's headquarters is investing a lot of money in new R & D and customer support. Looking forward to the future, Mr. Lei Limeng, the chairman of Jinling, is full of confidence: "Our company has gone through a glorious 63 years. In the new era represented by President Xi Jinping, We will launch more new products to further strengthen our leading position in the domestic and international markets. " Re-establishing the company's product range and turning its attention to the latest technology and the latest design in the industry. Since then, the beautiful appearance of the JINLING series of black + off-white machines is pleasing to the eye and has become a beautiful scenery.

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