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CNC machine tool for milling end face and drilling center hole

Model: XZK1080

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Type: Special purpose machine tool

Detailed introduction of xzk1080 CNC machine tool for milling end face and drilling center hole:
The professional, efficient and high-precision turning technology of the innovative xzk1080 is also favored by entry-level users.
The whole machine tool is a two station layout, and the left and right headstock are symmetrically arranged. First mill the end face and then drill the center hole. The closed-loop end face milling machine is a ZK series of two axis and half axis linkage control machines.
The feed axis is controlled by X / Y and Z / a four-axis coordinates. Driven by servo motor, it realizes the one-time clamping of various shaft parts, and completes the machining processes such as milling, drilling center hole and tapping of two end faces at the same time. It has high precision and high production efficiency. It is used for end face milling and center hole machining of various shaft parts or other special-shaped shaft parts. After one-time clamping, the workpiece can complete the end face milling of shaft head at both ends and the drilling of central hole at the same time. If the jacketed cutter head device is configured, the shaft end can also be jacketed and chamfered while drilling the central hole. It has the characteristics of short beat, high efficiency, wide processing range, high degree of automation, safety and reliability. It is especially suitable for multi variety, mass production and high efficiency production.
Performance characteristics:
1. The machine tools of the whole series are designed with electromechanical, hydro pneumatic integration, and adopt milling and drilling composite single spindle power head, combined cutter and overall 75 ° inclined guide rail bed structure.
2. (high rigidity and efficiency) high rigidity and large-size plastic pasted rectangular sliding table, double nut ball screw drive, automatic lubrication device, high positioning accuracy, flexible and reliable action, good dynamic performance, and fully reflect the man-machine function.
3. (stable precision and strong earthquake resistance) the high-grade cast fuselage has stable precision and strong vibration resistance after tempering and aging treatment.
4. The casting bed has reasonable chip removal structure and strong chip removal performance. In the working environment of large milling chips and high feed, it still realizes no chip accumulation and effectively improves the service life of the guide rail.
5. (short feeding distance and convenient operation) reasonable layout structure, low feeding height, short distance and suitable operation.
6. (stainless steel internal prevention, convenient maintenance and cleaning) stainless steel internal prevention can effectively isolate the processing area and protect electrical components such as motors, which is convenient for the cleaning and maintenance of machine tools.
7. The control system and driving technology keep up with the development of the times. At present, Guangzhou CNC high-performance CNC system with * is adopted, and fanucoi TF and other systems can also be adopted according to the needs of users.
Technical parameters of xzk1080 CNC machine tool for milling end face and drilling center hole:
Main technical parameters Company Design value

Maximum machining workpiece diameter mm φ one hundred
Maximum machining workpiece length mm eight hundred
Spindle center height (from fixture mounting table) mm one hundred and thirty
Spindle rotation accuracy mm zero point zero one
Spindle speed (stepless speed regulation by frequency converter) rpm 50~1500
Maximum travel of sliding plate (x-axis, Y-axis) mm three hundred
10. Feed speed of Y and Z axes (AC servo) mm/min 50~1000

Taper inside spindle hole BT forty
Travel of x-axis sliding plate mm three hundred

Working stroke of clamping cylinder mm fifty-five
10. Diameter and pitch of y-axis ball screw (fynd4005-3-p4) mm φ 40*5
Diameter and pitch of z-axis ball screw (fynd4005-3-p4) φ 40*5
electric machinery Milling spindle motor y2-132s-5.5-4-b5 KW/rpm 5.5/1440
Drilling spindle motor y2-90s-1.5-4-b5 1.5/1440
AC servo motor (x, y and Z axes) 130sjt-m150b 2.3/3000
Hydraulic station motor y2-132s-3.75-4 3.75/1400
Cooling pump motor dsq-2-100-4 one point one
Lubrication pump motor tmd-5 eight
Lubrication pump motor tmd-5 BT forty
Overall dimensions of machine tool host (long) × wide × High) mm 3550*1650*1900
Machine weight kg six thousand
Lubricating pump oil (anti-wear hydraulic oil, not recycled) YB-N thirty-two
Power supply parameters Three phase five wire system, independent grounding of bed, 380VAC ± 10% / 50Hz / 16KVA, grounding resistance < 100Q

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