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CKT series inclined bed CNC horizontal lathe

Model: 100L/100ML/200L/200M

Hits: 97

Type: Special purpose machine tool

100 l / 100 ml / 200 l / 200 ml / 200 myl / 300 l / 300 m / 300 myl second generation, the introduction to this kind of customers the ideal turning core can shorten the clamping time as much as possible.

CKT series combined with the feedback of the previous generation of models in the use process, aiming at the weak links of the redesign and development, in the accuracy, performance, configuration of further mining. Lathe customers are in great demand. The main demand for large, high requirements of the auto parts market.

Can cover most of the small and medium parts market demand, market share.

CKT series spindles are supported by double row cylindrical roller bearings and thrust angular contact ball bearings at the front end and double row cylindrical roller bearings at the back end. The body of the machine adopts integral L-shape casting, 45° inclined torque sliding guide; Lead screw drive tail seat;

12 HYDRAULIC tool tower, one of the rare lubrication system, suitable for automobile, mold, bearing, petroleum, coal machinery manufacturing and other industries of shaft parts, disk parts processing, parts after a clamping can automatically complete the multi-process lathe, boring and other processing.

1, the machine adopts the integrated design of machine, electricity and hydraulic, with high rigidity, compact structure, small footprint, smooth chip removal and other advantages; The machine guide adopts linear rolling guide, and the driving unit adopts silent ball screw, which has the advantages of fast speed, low heating and high positioning accuracy. The machine is fully enclosed and protected with automatic chip removal and lubrication.

2, the bed is a high and low step flat guide rail structure, and the use of "meter" -shaped reinforcement, with excellent bending and torsion resistance, even when cutting, there is still stable processing accuracy.

3. The main drive system is driven by servo motor, which drives the main shaft to rotate through the belt. The main shaft bearing adopts high rigidity structure suitable for heavy cutting, the front support adopts a group of double row cylindrical roller bearings and a group of thrust angular contact ball bearings, and the back support adopts a group of double row cylindrical roller bearings.

4, 12 station drum tool tower adopts servo motor indexing, arc-shaped tooth disc positioning, hydraulic clamping structure, tool change speed, repeated positioning accuracy and rigidity. Turret rotation without lifting action, dust into the turret, so that the accuracy can be maintained for a long time.

5, adopt servo tail seat structure. The servo motor drives the tailstock through the direct lead screw of the coupling, which has high precision, high rigidity and high performance.

6. X/Z axis is driven by the braided value AC servo motor directly connected with the lead screw through the coupling, with fast dynamic response and high positioning accuracy. And the two-axis lead screw adopts pre-drawing structure to reduce the influence of hot elongation of lead screw on machining accuracy.

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