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Jl-gp1200 heavy double sided grinder

Model: JL-GP1200

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Type: Special purpose machine tool


This equipment is mainly suitable for quartz wafer, optical crystal, glass, silicon wafer, gemstone, lithium niobate, hard alloy, ceramic sheet and other thin brittle metal or non-metal double-sided grinding, grinding and polishing. Can be widely used in hydraulic pneumatic components, hydraulic motor parts, automobile fuel pump parts, refrigeration compressor parts, oil pump nozzle parts, engine parts, bearing roller and ring, seal, piston rings, cutting tool, mould, meter, carbide insert, ceramic valve core, magnetic materials, and other products of double-sided grinding, grinding and polishing processing.

There are double end face grinding machine products belong to GP series, the current grinding wheel diameter of 700, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000 and other five models. These models can be machined workpiece size diameter are: 100mm; 240 mm; 310 mm; 400 mm; 600 mm. The thickness of the workpiece is 1mm-200mm, so it can be seen that in the field of double end grinding machine to achieve diversity and suitable for the size of the workpiece double end grinding function.

Characteristics of the equipment

01. The machine combined with modern technology and modular design and other design means, so that the machine in the structure of simple and maintain high rigidity, and has good stability, easy to use, easy to operate, easy to maintain, easy to repair, low energy consumption and so on.

02. Adopt stable Siemens PLC control system and rigorous design of casting machine tool structure. PLC provides Ethernet interface, touch screen control interface configured with automatic fault detection function, and provides Ethernet interface.

03. Online measurement system: with digital size control system, the German non-contact size measurement control device, resolution accuracy of 0.001mm, to achieve the online measurement of the processing amount of the workpiece.

04. Lever-type airbag pressurization, small friction loss, equipped with precision bearing sensor and SMC electrical proportional valve, control the processing pressure, pressure system, spindle speed and other multistage automatic control.

05. The vertical closed electric cabinet is adopted, and the numerical control part is equipped with reactance filter device. Electric cabinet configuration constant temperature and humidity air conditioner.

06. Can be configured according to the application, suitable for precision grinding, grinding and polishing.

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