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Non circular NC copying lathe

Model: 数控车床

Hits: 74

Type: Special purpose machine tool

Performance characteristics of non-circular NC profiling lathe:
1. The machine tool adopts electromechanical hydraulic integration design, with compact and reasonable overall layout, which is convenient for repair and maintenance. The main shaft adopts manual two gears and stepless speed regulation within gears, with large torque, stability and reliability. The shape conforms to ergonomic design and adopts movable rotary console, which is pleasant and convenient for operation

2. Ckf200 CNC profiling lathe is controlled by upper and lower computer systems. The upper computer is gsk980tdi numerical control system, and the lower computer is Yanxiang industrial computer. Gsk98otdi numerical control system controls the start and stop of machine tool spindle, spindle speed and longitudinal feed. The industrial computer is mainly responsible for the data generation of piston ring cross-section curve and the feeding of transverse reciprocating servo mechanism.

3. The workpiece spindle is driven by 11kw servo motor and controlled by synchronous pulley, with high rotation accuracy and accurate phase control.

4. The feed control system adopts the special high-frequency control system of Yaskawa, and the screw rod and guide rail adopt high-speed and high-rigid structure to improve the stability, stiffness and accuracy of the overall equipment.

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